So, some thoughts on the work below.  Fashion magazines....ubiquitous and compelling, one cannot look through them without a feelings of longing and desire, feelings which they are designed to create.  The desire is designed to fuel the consumption of products they sell, the magic formula of all capitalist economies.  Our economy and entire culture is built on the mantra and promise of ever-increasing consumption, a model which is obviously impossible and unsustainable, the lizard eating its own tail.  As we race to consume, to feed our insatiable desire for the stuff enshrined in these magazine pages, we tear up the world around us, destroying everything in our path:  our green meadows, our vast mountains, our oceans, our clean air.  From the beautiful predators atop the food chain to the smallest one-celled creature, our fellow occupants on the planet are the victims of our all-consuming lust; the last 3000 tigers, the struggling polar bear, the decreasing numbers of beluga whales, narwhals, sea lions, killer whales, blue whales, elephants, rhinoceros, on and on, down to the Kirtland's Warbler, the Evening Grosbeak, the Acadian Flycatcher, even the iconic Monarch Butterfly are all teetering on the brink of extinction because we are unable to envision a different model.  The ultimate problem is that even when one sees the link, one is still seduced, it is impossible to be inured to the desire; we are swimming in it.  This link between the seductive images in the glossy mags and the elimination of so many species is the the idea I've been thinking about lately, the idea I'm trying to explore in these little pieces.